I have recently found a new set of cello study books that are fabulous.  They are written by Cassia Harvey and can be found at Amazon or her website charveypublications.com.  I mentioned “Flying Fiddle Duets” in a  previous post.   It is written by her sister and is FUN FUN FUN and easy to play.

Ages ago I studied “Élégie” by Faure.  It’s a gorgeous piece and I got stuck on page 2 when the hard part came in.  Here’s what some of it looks like:

I had already purchased a help guide by another cellist to conquer this piece, to no avail.  I put it away and moved on.   Until I found “The Faure Élégie Study Book for Cello” which I discovered at Cassia Harvey’s booth at CELLOBRATION cello choir in SC.

This book puts in black and white exactly what my teacher tells me to do.  Small sections, worked in different ways, to teach your fingers what to do.  It would be great if I were consistent in my practice to really do this WITHOUT trying to actually “play” a piece.  Even when I cover up the notes before and after with my “post-its”,  I don’t always do enough of the repetitions.  Cassia’s book has me working ONE MEASURE over 2 (or more)  pages of exercises.  It’s wonderful.  I’m so excited that I’m finally going to be able to play this piece without fear of the dreaded page 2.

And this is only one of books she has for beginners, intermediates and advanced players.  Working on Bach’s Cello Suites? There’s a Cassia Harvey study book for that too.

Check out her catalog and I’ll bet you find something that will help you on your cello journey.

4 thoughts on “Do you know Cassia Harvey?

  1. David B Teague says:

    I have both Ms Harvey’s Elegy and Bach Suite I study books. I have not spent time with the Elegy book, nor the Elegy — yet —
    But …
    I have spent considerable time working on Suite I during the Summer while my teacher was away. To some extent, I have the Courante, Minuets, and Gigue under my hand. Since she returned, my teacher and I have spent time on the Harvey exercises for Courante from Suite I. The one word for it is: EFFECTIVE. There are signs that these exercises help me in the Courante, and there is genuine hope for the rest of Suite 1.
    Ms Harvey isolates the technical and musical problems so each issue can be dealt with separately, then reassembled into a real musical experience.
    Speaking of her other books, I have found her two books, Scale Exercises in the 3rd Octave to be invaluable for intonation as I go up the fingerboard. The other set of books that I can’t do without are the several finger exercises books. If I may be permitted a word of advice: Don’t do these exercises fast at first. Listen. Hammer on and pull off, but do what your teacher says!

  2. David B Teague says:

    Thirds anywhere are difficult for me, but on my bass, I’m reduced to thumb and 3 for close 3rds below 5th position. This even though I have a bass with a 39 inch scale (41.5″ is usual for basses). I’ll look for her book on 3rd in thumb position. Thanks.

  3. David B Teague says:

    I went to charveypublications.com and looked at the sample pages from her prep, 1st & 2nd “Thirds in Thumb Position” books. I’ll have to start with the prep book. Her samples make my hands hurt just thinking about how to play them. I’m going to have to live to 100 to do all I want to do. Thanks *again*.

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