Welcome Cellists, Cellist-to-be, and those just thinking about how beautiful the cello sounds.   I started playing the cello at age 50.  My musical background consisted of a few years of piano lessons (I never did understand the left hand/bass clef).  My son, at the age of 5, decided he wanted to play the violin.   We had a piano and I strongly urged him to choose this instrument, but he was adamant.  I warned him that I would NEVER let him quit lessons.  He was firm and I relented.  I found a teacher, rented a violin, and endured years of lessons in which I took notes and assisted with practicing.  (Envision mom yelling from the kitchen “I think you’re a little flat”.) (Envision child thinking about breaking the violin in a million pieces.)

After 13 years of lessons, travel, auditions and participating as an orchestra parent, my son left for college and I was unsure how I would continue without the music, which had become such a large part of my life.

Without too much thought, I told my husband that I was going to learn to play the cello.   I had tried playing my son’s violin and it was terribly difficult.  For some unknown reason, I decided the cello would be easy to play and in six months I’d be sounding just like YoYo.  Right.   My husband surprised me at Christmas with a cello! Wow.  Now I really had to learn.  So with a new instrument, a new teacher, and no son to tell me how terrible I sounded, my new career began.

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