“It’s coming on Christmas
They’re cutting down trees
They’re putting up reindeer
And singing songs of joy and peace”,  Joni Mitchell

This is the season to be jolly and playing Christmas carols and favorite holiday melodies.   It’s not only that there is a ton of available music, but also that everyone loves this music and it truly does bring joy.  It’s a bit of nostalgia mixed with warm fireplaces and creamy eggnog.

Assisted living and senior communities will welcome your duos, trios, and any other musical combination.  I’m playing 10 gigs including a cello quartet, a cello choir (13 of us!), and a mixed wind and string quartet.  Add to that two orchestra holiday concerts with “Hallelujah” and “And The Glory” and it’s a month filled with music galore.    Yes, you’ll be overworked from hauling all the accoutrements that you need, but there’s no substitute for the full heart you’ll have after bringing this music to others.  It’s not too late.  Call a friend, find some music, make some calls, and get out there!


3 thoughts on “Christmas is coming

  1. David B Teague says:

    You sound _busy_! Lots of luck and enjoy all you do.
    We had two Blue Ridge Orchestra concerts snowed out. Snow date set and one concert played. Tough when your funding is gate receipts.
    Carolina Concert Choir, 2 concerts (I’m tenor 2). Bach Magnificat, Christmas and Hanuka songs. I played bass for the short CCC concert where we did Hanuka songs, Christmas songs, a movement from Magnificat and a setting for choir of Brightest and Best from Southern Harmony with fiddle and bass.
    New Year’s chamber orchestra program “Sunday Afternoon in Vienna” Waltzes, Polkas, concert marches and a soprano singing arias from the Merry Widow and perhaps another.
    Then the grind starts back with my 3 community orchestras.
    Working on the Bach Suite 1 using every tool you describe here, and some my teacher suggests and some I devise. Best? metronome. Set it to 30 and choose a note value that lets all the notes sound full value, in tune and on time with the amount of musical nuance (dynamics, phrasing, etc) you are working on a the time.

    Thank you Nancy for describing the many things that I should think of but don’t.

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