Greetings Musicians,

My website, and thus this blog, have been undergoing an update.  I was informed that my website, would no longer be supported by my host, so I could either leave it as it was, which would mean I could never make any changes or corrections, have a complete re-do ($3,500!) or go for their “special offer” to revamp ($299).  Since the site already had some errors, leaving it as it was  was not an option.  Leaving the only obvious solution, take the “special offer”. 

It was a relatively easy process, with the normal bumps in the road.  

For now, access to the blog can be either from or  The new posts should be coming in your email.  Since this is the first post since the update went “live”, it’s kind of my test to make sure everything is still working.

I am giving a lot of thought to tone production, as I often do.  Thinking a lot about bow speed and how it affects sound.  More on that to come.  In the meantime, please let me know if you check out the website..

Happy Celloing!Main Street Strings

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