I just read a post from another cello site.   She said, “What colour /texture/flavour/taste/mood is that D?”   I don’t know the answer and this is a problem for me.  It frustrates me that I don’t see my notes in colors, flavors or tastes.  Moods, maybe.   I can get down to the bridge and put some arm weight into the music and make a ferocious sound (is that mood?) or I can pull a fast bow with little arm weight close to the fingerboard and make a kind of wispy sound.  I guess that’s mood. It’s difficult for me to get to this next major step in playing because it seems like such a far reach.   As a late starter, I concentrate so much on the notes, the shift, counting, the tempo.  It’s just adding another layer and I can’t quite get there.  My teacher suggested making up a story to the music.  This actually did help.  I was playing a slow movement from a concerto (yes, very slowly!) and made up a complete story about the movement, phrase by phrase.  I even wrote it down and said the story out loud as I was playing it in my lesson.  I got so emotional about it I was in tears!  (It was a sad story.)  Perhaps I needed to know the music so well that I could get to this next step.  It probably helped that I practically knew the music by heart so I wasn’t relying on my eyes as much as my ears.   Anyway, I still didn’t see colors or flavors, but I did play it more musically.  I guess that’s what it’s all about.   What do you think?

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