Practice.  The word makes me think of when I was a kid and taking piano lessons and that word would make me cringe.  It’s so much easier now.  I’m a grown up (?) and have the choice of how to allocate my time.   After my lesson, I’m pumped up with motivation to work on that section that I can’t seem to master, or listen to how the pros play a certain piece.   But sometimes I’m feeling lazy/tired/unmotivated.  So I’ll do something else- read, make a call, check email.  It doesn’t take long before I’m thinking about my cello.  I’m thinking about the music I’m working on.  I start to think about how to practice that run I’m working on.  Play it slowly.  Play it with different rhythms.  Play it in small chunks and slowly add them together.   It doesn’t take long before I’m pulling my cello out of the case and tuning.  I can’t seem to stay away.  Not everyone gets this call.   It helps to have a plan.  If you’re feeling unmotivated and your cello isn’t calling for you, pull out an old piece of music to play.  Sometimes that gets you going.  Or call a friend and make a play date.   Nothing like knowing you have to “perform” to get you moving.  But don’t let your cello sit idly.   The more you play the better you and your cello will sound.   Remember why you’re doing this and do it!

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