When I wrote about spending lots of time, ALONE, in my room practicing, I don’t think I emphasized enough how much playing with others will improve your playing as well as your enjoyment of your instrument and the music you make. So here are some ideas. Please add your own to my list. Find a community orchestra. This is the best place to start because there will be lots of other cellos and you can learn from them and play with them. Contact your local high school orchestra teacher and ask if there are other cellists (yes, high school students) who might want to play duets with you. Or a local college.  You could be playing duets with your teacher at your lesson. (You have a teacher, yes?)  Ask your teacher if there are other students who might want to play. Maybe your teacher can start a cello choir for all students. Join the ACMP- Chamber Music Association of America. They publish a list of other musicians and you can find people of your level who want to play. With you. Contact your local violin shop and ask about others who might want to play.  Find a summer program.   There are many to choose from, including CelloSpeak (all cellos, in PA). SCOR, (all strings, in NY).  Both groups encourage adults at all levels.  Check out the internet for more.  The more you play, the better you will play, and the more enjoyment you will bring to yourself and others. So I say it again. Get out of your room and go play.

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