Well, yes, you should love your cello playing, that too.  But I was actually thinking about the internet.  It is an incredible source for all things cello.

For instance, I am getting ready to play a slew of cello and piano music with my fabulously talented sister.  One of the pieces we will be playing is Fauré’s Élégie (which I’m now much better at playing).    It’s one thing to practice on your own, and quite another to play with the accompaniment.  I went looking on the internet and was happy to find a website on YouTube called Pianoescort.  There are many cello accompaniments including Élégie,  Schubert’s Serenade, The Swan, and Haydn Cello Concerto in C, to name a few.

Of course, the pieces are played at a tempo which you may not be happy with.  That’s why you convert the video to an MP3 via the program listentoyoutube.com and transfer to the Amazing Slow Downer program so you can slow it down or speed it up.

See my post from 6/4/17 “Get Some Accompaniment” for more detail on this, or write to me.

5 thoughts on “You gotta love it

  1. David B Teague says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I have wonderful pianist, a music therapist at a local hospital, with whom I did play programs, double bass solo and piano acc. for the last dozen years. Preparing for her and has always been tough. She retired, and has less time than she did, so I want to be as well prepared as possible to go make musics with her. These resources will help me be much better prepared.
    I use MIDI files and the Van Basco midi player. You can choose your tempo and if you need a different key, then the accompaniment key can be changed.

  2. Peter Wauters says:

    On Apple devices (iOS), the CAPO app is golden.
    Thanks for the info on Youtube’d accompaniments.
    Always looking for those.
    Just discovered your blog. Great stuff !

    Cellistic greetings from Belgium.

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