I have an amazing teacher.  You can see for yourself at nancello.com.  She encourages me beyond my abilities and makes me believe I can do anything.  So I continue to try everything.  I’m playing in a community orchestra and a new cellist joined me.  She is young and started playing cello as a child.  Needless to say, she is an excellent cellist.   She didn’t have any music so she was reading off mine.  I had to explain it to her, as it is full of markings.  Numbers, shift markings, colors, notated repeat info.   At the next rehearsal she had her own music with nary a mark.   I admit, most people do not make as many marks as I do, but as a late learner, I need more help.   It’s not obvious to me when to shift and I have a hard time looking ahead.  Bad eyes or just less practice, or a combination.  But since I’m doing this for my pleasure it makes sense to me to do whatever it takes for me to do the best I can do.   So I encourage you to do the same.  Mark up your music if it makes it easier for you.  Use colors and special marks that you understand.  I did notice that my new cellist stand partner was quickly marking the repeats on the music, just before we played.  So maybe all my ideas weren’t so bad.

2 thoughts on “Do what works

  1. David B Teague says:

    Nancy Mack,
    you inspire me to keep on keeping on. I love this post.
    I switched from 4ths to 5ths when I retired, so, though I’ve played bass since I was 30, it’s very much like beginning all over only a few years ago.
    David, bassist who tunes in 5ths, CGDA.

    • David, you are an amazing musician! You have great ideas and perseverance! See you next year in Atlanta!

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