It’s possible.  I make lots of wrong assumptions.   Starting with thinking playing the cello (or guitar) was going to be easy.  I guess I’m a left brained kind of girl.  some things were easy.  Math and English were always easy for me.   I couldn’t draw but I aced algebra. So it’s not surprising that I keep thinking playing the cello is so hard.  It IS hard for me.  Creativity is not in my wheelhouse.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a wonderful hobby/pastime/new career.   I just watched an orchestra concert of students from third through eighth grades.  They weren’t “amazing”, but it was so very enjoyable to watch these students (who had obviously worked very hard) perform and take pleasure in the music they were creating.  They were playing “I’ve Got Rhythm” and one violinist in the very back of the group was smiling and swaying to the music.  It was beautiful.  There is something very joyful about making music in a group.  I feel it without exception in rehearsals as well as concerts.   So ignore the mistakes and draw inspiration from the kids.  It’s not easy for them either.  It’s so easy to forget that everyone starts out as a beginner.  Our teachers and performers have often spent twenty years studying and practicing.   We’re all on this journey, climbing the music mountain.   It’s not easy, but it sure is a great adventure.

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