I like drones.  They play the correct note, which I may or may do.  I have a drone CD which I bought from http://www.navarrorivermusic.com/cello_drones.php for about $10.  Then I entered the 21st century and found a Tuning Drones app.  It works too.  Anyway, I have an arpeggio in a piece that goes G-B♭-C♯-E♭ (on the G string); G-B♭ (on the D string); C♯-E♭-G-B♭-C♯-E♭-G (up the A string).   Not so hard, right?  Only for me it was.  I started by playing it bow-only.  When I have trouble it’s often my right hand that’s the problem and if I leave the left hand out of the training, my right hand will learn what is needed.  After right hand training,  I use the drone, but which note to drone?  Easy answer.  All of them, one at a time, and repeat.  It really helps.   Then play the arpeggio backwards.  High G-E♭-C♯-B♭-G etc.  With the drones, of course.  And repeat.  And this was the only thing from this piece I practiced yesterday.  Sometimes focus on a very small thing improves in many ways.

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