You love the cello.  You love improving slowly but surely.  And you love to play with others.   Don’t you think it would be incredible to play with 200 cellists?  ON ONE STAGE?  I’ve done it twice and I promise you, it is amazing.  And here’s a really cool thing:  If you make a mistake, absolutely NO ONE knows!  Not even you.  So pull out your calendar and mark down Sept. 22-23 at the University of South Carolina to be a part of the 38th South Carolina Cello Choir.   The icing on the cake is that Zuill Bailey is one of the clinicians.  You can’t beat the price of $20 (early registration) which includes a Guest Artist Recital.   Cellists of all ages and ability levels participate.  Last year I was having trouble seeing the music (small!) and within minutes I had my own blown up copies.   There are many vendors that support and participate (Cellos2Go and Stephanie Voss were there last year) so you can see new music or try out new instruments.   Friday there are master classes- fabulous to watch and learn.  Friday night is the Guest Artist Recital, and Saturday is the day to play, culminating with a performance late Saturday afternoon.   There are so many cellists that it’s just a day of pure joy!   Here’s the link.  Click on it and be inspired when you see the picture of all the cellists.  You should go!

P.S.  If the trek to South Carolina is more than you can handle, look around in your area for something similar.  If you can’t find anything, I guess you’ll have to come to South Carolina! 😉


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